Welcome! Dinner is almost ready. We’ve used the fancy glasses tonight.

Supremely dedicated to the craft of catering and hospitality, we create event experiences that feel like the best parts of home – without you having to lift a finger.

Hospitality’s our thing – we adore it.

We live, breathe and showcase it at every opportunity, from the moment we meet you until long after you depart.


Because you deserve it.

Because everyone we come into contact with deserves to feel comfortable and special. Because there’s no greater feeling than the familiarity of family combined with the genuine service of being a treasured guest.

At MEG, we believe in creating effortlessly, beautiful experiences where each moment is meticulously thought out, tailored and always easy. Our specialty is hosting weddings, corporate and private parties at some of Melbourne’s most unique venues.

We’re an events company with a difference. Ok, ok, we know you’ve heard that before -but we really are different.

You don’t just want an event, you want an unforgettable experience. A head-turning, jaw dropping, is-this-real-pinch-me kinda moment.

We’ll put our heart and soul into your event. And then some.

We’re incredibly perceptive and we listen. We want to know what’s most important to you and deliver on that – so every experience and event is uniquely different. We’re adaptable, flexible and confident chameleons, taking it all in and getting it done. No muss, no fuss. All with a cheerful smile that lights up a room.

Melbourne Event Group is our way of bringing the warmth and welcome of our family atmosphere to you with delicious food, joy-filled moments and the making of life-long memories.

There’s always a seat for you at our table

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At Melbourne Event Group, we’re all about delivering exhilarating events, but also embracing you as part of our family while you’re our guest. There’s no greater feeling than receiving warm welcomes, cheerful smiles and unwavering support from start to finish, and we’ll stop at nothing to make sure everyone who walks through our doors feels looked after.

Our in-house team have every skill, every ability and every touchpoint covered. From our professional and attentive event planners right through to our operations, chef and kitchen staff, we’re humble and subtle in our seamless approach to deliver a genuine hospitality service where we’re not the show, you are.

Our Values

Everything we do here at MEG, is rooted through our values. Our values guide us as we strive to deliver our mission to be Melbourne’s most loved and trusted creator of event moments.

Genuine Connections

The connection that comes from shared experiences means everything to us. We want to build positive relationships and we are like a big warm, welcoming family. Family makes us humble and reminds us that each person we meet has their own personality that is worth considering and embracing. Our cheerful disposition and sincerity makes our clients, guests and colleagues feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. Once you sit at our table, we’ll be welcoming you back again and again.

True Professionalism

We respect the process and craft of hospitality. We are organised, dedicated and ambitious in growing and learning. In short, we take what we do seriously. We are committed, nurturing and supremely professional. Our team is humble and subtle in their seamless approach to delivering a genuine hospitality service where we are not the show, you are. We are passionate, personable and flexible and will stop at nothing to ensure everyone who walks through our door feels looked after and catered for. This way of being extends to our colleagues and suppliers and right through to the last guest to leave.

The Extra Mile

We dream of a world where kindness leads. Going that little bit further to make people feel special, having sensitivity, making that extra effort to create small but meaningful surprises that feel incredibly seamless. Our whole team is made up of positive people who exude kindness and who are able to provide a subtle attentiveness that builds trust, relationships and personalised experiences. We believe in creating effortlessly beautiful experiences where each moment is well thought out, tailored, and always easy.

This company is truly unique by being true to their word. I feel incredibly privileged to be part of an exceptional team who are united, aligned and motivated to achieve the company goals. We live and breathe our values and believe in open communication ensuring no matter what role you are in, you feel involved in the business and fully across our objectives.

Melanie, Event Architecture

MEG is a great place to work because of the people within it. We celebrate our successes together and support each other when we need

Tom, Event Host

Everybody who works here is so friendly and supportive. The team really cares about how you are and want to invest time in improving my skills.

Kate, Event Administration

The work culture makes it a WOW for me. Everyone gets treated equally regardless of their position and that really sets the standard for a successful business.

Manoj, Event Host

I love how the values are implemented across the venues. In previous roles, the values have been nothing more than a picture on the wall. Here at MEG, the values provide a platform to work from, to make decisions from, and therefore empower staff.

Emily, Marketing

You’ve got good taste

Catering’s our jam and when it comes to food, we don’t mess around. It’s not over-complicated or intimidating – we’re the sweet spot where careful abundance and quality ingredients meets simplicity. In short, nobody’s going home hungry.

Family is at the core of everything we do and our food philosophy is no exception.

Our aim is for you and your guests to feel like you’ve been welcomed into our home – experiencing the best in beautifully simple flavours and presented in a way that helps you connect with the people around you.

Every important moment should always be around a table full of incredible food – with all the colours, textures and tastes you’d expect from your favourite home-cooked meal.

We’re really into celebrating and elevating food while caring for the environment. With a particular focus on fresh, seasonal and local produce, we do our best to lower the km’s of our food.

You’ve got good taste and we’re here for it.

We also believe that every milestone should always be in the company of your closest bunch, with a satisfying drink in hand to mark the occasion.

Here at Melbourne Event Group, we believe in inspiring your senses, that’s why we’ve searched far and wide to source an all-encompassing premium beverage lineup. Consisting of legendary local, and impeccable international sourced wines, beers and cocktails, all designed to enhance your experience/the flavours of our food.

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